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I am a publican, who has written a book, I am not in the same league as experienced authors, who write some great books. During the seventies and eighties, I had the pleasure of meeting some extraordinary and at times rather bizarre people, while running pubs with my wife, and really enjoyed having a beer with most of them.
This book is about these characters, some of the stories they would tell, and some of the absolutely bizarre things, that they would get up to, while having a beer with their mates.
Buffalo at the Bar will not be for everybody, but if you can see the funny side of life, and have a good sense of humour, I am sure you will enjoy some of the many short stories that the book contains, it may even bring back some memories, if you used to drink in a Front Bar back in those days.
It also must be said that many young people, and a lot of them were not even born in the seventies and eighties have told me they enjoyed the book, and got a bit of a laugh at some of the many characters that feature in it.

If you buy an ebook for only $4.95 I hope you enjoy it, with part proceeds of each sale going to the local CFS.


The Commercial Hotel is now trying to raise some money for the Morgan CFS. As you are aware, like in every country town, these volunteers are often the un-sung heroes in times of a crisis. The money will be used for cadet training purposes.


 Part proceeds from each book sold to date, have been donated to the following.
The Alzheimer’s Association – To help in a small way, the fight against the Alzheimer’s Disease

The Swan Reach CFS – Like in all country towns, these volunteers are often the un-sung heroes in times of a crisis, the donation will be used for cadet training purposes. ( there are plenty of country Brigades, that I would love to also help in a small way )

The Salvation Army – To assist in a small way, homeless people, especially the kids.

Beyond Blue – To help in a small way, the many people that suffer with depression.

Plus – Various Clubs, and community based organisations, that are run and organised, by volunteers.




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My dad used to tell us all sorts of funny stories, about a pub he used to drink in, when he was working up North in the seventies and early eighties. We all used to think he was making them up, but after reading this book he obviously wasn’t. 
Belinda Williams.

Bought one for my boy friend who is 20 years old, thinking it may be a bit old fashion for him, but because of the cost I didn’t really care. Boy was I wrong, he absolutely loved it, now all of my friends are doing the same. 
Di Rodgers.

Best reaction I received from my partner for any present that I have given him for quite some time, and it only cost me just a little bit more than what I normally pay for a good cappuccino. I could not believe it. Girls, do yourself a favour and get one for your partner, and watch the response you receive. 
Susan Peterson

Started to read this book, not knowing what do expect, and could not put it down, some very funny characters, and some extraordinary situations, I even bought one for my mum and dad. 
Ron Barker.

This book will not be for everyone, but it was for me, and absolute ripper, if you like something different. 
Matthew Noble.

Bought one for my boyfriend who does not normally read books. He loved some of the short stories and now won’t shut-up about some of the characters in it.
Emma Morrison.

Very unique book, best 5 bucks that I have spend for a while, if you like a bit of a laugh, and something very different, get this book. 
Kelvin Walters.

Send a copy to my old man, we do not seem to talk much these days for one reason or another, well something as simple as down loading a copy, giving PayPal his email address and sending him the book, certainly changed that, he rang to thank me and now we talk at least twice a week, even mum says she has not heard him laugh so much for years. Thanks to the author, I hope you sell heaps
James Thomas